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time marches on

time marches on
November 8, 1991. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield were scheduled to fight their long awaited bout for the heavyweight championship of the world...
Fate intervened.

November 9, 1996. Five years and one day later, these two men will step into the ring.

It's been a long time coming...



You be the judge. Come and join the ranks of our online judges and cast your vote into our Finally! Sweepstakes. Choose the victors on the Finally! Tyson vs. Holyfield ticket, and you could win a Championship Boxing Jacket.

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To begin, choose the fighter below who you think will be champion on November 9th:

Good Luck!


Join our on-the-scene reporters as they give you the inside scoop on the Finally! Tyson vs. Holyfield Event. Here is your place for live, up the minute, stories on the fighters, the teams, and their battles for the championship.

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So bookmark this page and come and join the fun November 9th.