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Finally they meet
 On May 10 Holyfield rebounds from the previous defeat, and records his first knockout since 1991 against Bobby Czyz.

The fight went 5 rounds.

Holyfield vs. Czyz enlargement

Next bout scheduled for Nov 9th against Mike Tyson.

On March 16th Tyson meets his first world title fight since August 1987 and recaptures the WBC title belt from Frank Bruno, with a 3rd round TKO.


Tyson becomes the highest paid professional boxer in history with $30 million dollars.

Tyson v. Bruno enlargement

Tyson re-schedules a bout with Bruce Seldon, due to contracting bronchitis, yet later secures his second world title taking out Seldon 1:49 minutes in the first round.

Tyson vs. Seldon Image movie

Immediately following the bout, Team Tyson announces his next fight with Evander Holyfield for Nov. 9th.